• In the post-genomic era, science is accumulating large datasets from high-throughput screening. Validation of hits from such screens still requires genetic testing. To this end, we created HAPLOBANK, a genome-wide library of murine ESC lines with defined genetic mutations. HAPLOBANK contains over 100,000 conditionally mutated and reversible mESC clones, targeting about 70% of the protein-coding genome (almost 17,000 genes). The resource is available to all scientists, and represents the largest ever library of homozygous mutant embryonic stem cell lines to date. HAPLOBANK overcomes issues arising from clonal variability, because mutations can be repaired in single cells and at whole genome scale. In addition, the haploid genome of these embryonic stem cells enables reverse genetics. HAPLOBANK can be used to functionally validate predictions or to study in-depth phenotypic effects of gene loss, thereby helping to phenotypically annotate the mouse genome.
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