Shipping Information

  • In order to ship our ES cell lines to you, we need your FedEx or DHL (China - DHL only) account number, your address and phone number, with which you will have to provide us during the registration. Usually it takes up to 4 weeks for your order to be dispatched.
    If some of your ordered ES cell clones should become unavailable during this time, you will be notified and will receive a full refund for this part of the order.
    You will get an E-Mail notification when your clones are ready for shipment. Once the MTA and all clones are ready we will get in touch with you to ensure that you will be there to receive them. If that's the case the clones get shipped on the following Monday.
  • HAPLOBANK cannot take any responsibility for the condition of the ES cell clones due to the shipment.
  • Please obtain full details of the legal requirements (e.g. Veterinary Permit for USA and Australia) of your country for importing cells and make sure that we have all required documents in place.
  • For non-EU countries we have a "Shipper's Declaration" at hand and for the USA and Canada also the "TSCA Certification".